The easy-to-use web framework

Parancoe Meta-Framework

Reference Guide


Lucio Benfante


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1. Starting a new project with Parancoe
1.1. Software requisites
1.2. Starting up your own project
1.3. Using the project with an IDE
1.4. Setting up your Maven environment
1.5. Adding a CRUD to your application
1.5.1. Add the entity
1.5.2. Add the DAO
1.5.3. Add the controller
1.5.4. Add the views (JSP)
1.5.5. Add the validation
1.6. Configure your database
1.7. Database data initialization
2. Persistence
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Persistent entities
2.3. Entity DAOs
2.3.1. Define a DAO for an entity
2.3.2. Use the DAO
2.4. Add finder methods to the DAOs
2.4.1. Find by field equality
2.4.2. Ordering results
2.4.3. Find a single object
2.4.4. Write the query in JPA-QL/HQL
2.4.5. Methods with support for the pagination of results
2.4.6. Using different strategies for comparing parameter values
2.5. Search with criteria
2.6. Transaction demarcation
3. Parancoe Plugins
3.1. Introduction
3.1. DWR
3.1.1. How to add the plugin to your application
3.1.2. A simple example
3.2. Italy
3.2.1. How to add the plugin to your application
3.2.2. A simple example