The easy-to-use web framework


Parancoe is a project aiming to simplify the release of web applications promoting the convention over configuration philosophy and the DRY principle. This project is promoted by the JUG Padova, and everybody can partecipate.

Parancoe is a Java meta-framework aggregating in an useful way Hibernate/JPA, Spring 2, Spring MVC and, for the AJAX support, DWR.

Parancoe purpose is to give to developers a set of libraries ready to build standard web applications (which in most cases are just crud applications) without worrying of long and harmful configurations files. Parancoe will be composed of a full MVC stack.

Parancoe is open source and is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Are you interested in the parancoe word meaning? A “parancoa” is a scaffolding in the dialect of the Venice (Italy) area.