Aims: We aimed to determine factors associated with parents' use of dental services for their children in Lebanon, and their perception of dental care relative to medical care. Abstract EMHJ is the official health journal published by the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of the World Health Organization. Journal. Eastern Mediterranean health journal / La revue de sante de la Mediterranee orientale / al-Majallah al-sihhiyah li-sharq al-mutawassit Frequency: Monthly, 2010-Country: Egypt Publisher: Alexandria, Arab Republic of Egypt : Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of the World Health … Ensuring effective financing of national blood systems in support of universal health coverage, Knockdown resistance mutations contributing to pyrethroid resistance in Aedes aegypti population, Saudi Arabia, Hand hygiene initiative: comparative study of pre- and postintervention outcomes, Oral health and tobacco research in the Eastern Mediterranean Region in relation to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: a scoping review, Validation study of the Arabic version of the Brief Fatigue Inventory (BFI-A), Availability, pricing and affordability of selected medicines for noncommunicable diseases, Language barriers to studying medicine in English: perceptions of final-year medical students at the Arabian Gulf University, Prevalence of overweight and underweight in schoolchildren in Constantine, Algeria: comparison of four reference cut-off points for body mass index, Socioeconomic inequality in smoking and its determinants in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Food safety knowledge, attitudes and self-reported practices among food handlers in Sohag Governorate, Egypt, Tunisian population quality of life: a general analysis using SF-36, Indirect estimation of child mortality using 2011 census data in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Macrolide-resistant Mycoplasma pneumoniae in adults with community acquired pneumonia: challenges and risks, Factors contributing to the initiation of waterpipe tobacco smoking among Iranian women, Achieving “Health for All by All” in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, An outbreak of measles in gold miners in River Nile State, Sudan, 2011, Health-related quality of life of parents of children with phenylketonuria in Tehran Province, Islamic Republic of Iran, Self-reported addiction to and perceived behavioural control of waterpipe tobacco smoking and its patterns in Egypt: policy implications, Hypertension and associated factors in the Islamic Republic of Iran: a population-based study, Move for health: addressing the built environment and physical activity in Oman, Dental environment and war-related stress among dental students, Yemen, Cigarette affordability in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Factors associated with dual use of waterpipe tobacco and cigarettes among adults in Pakistan, Health research prioritization: global and regional perspectives, Struggling with long-time low uptake of modern contraceptives in Pakistan, Regional consultation on novel tobacco products: health effects, research needs and provisional recommended actions for regulators1, Coût hospitalier des pathologies invasives à pneumocoque chez les enfants âgés de moins de 15 ans en Tunisie, Strengthening the early detection of common cancers in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Harnessing the power of advocacy to improve seasonal influenza vaccination coverage in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Analysis of life expectancy across countries using a decision tree, Quantitative comparison of WHO tobacco control measures: lessons from the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Estimating population cause-specific mortality fractions in the Islamic Republic of Iran: validation of Murray’s method, Health system preparedness in Pakistan for crisis management: a cross-sectional evaluation study, Household disaster preparedness in the Islamic Republic of Iran: 2015 estimation, 2020 – the year of the nurse and midwife: a call for action to scale up and strengthen the nursing and midwifery workforce in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Addiction, childhood experiences and nurse’s role in prevention: a qualitative study, The effect of a maternal training programme on early childhood development in Egypt, Reuse of syringes for therapeutic injections in Pakistan: rethinking determinants, Prevalence and mortality of cancer among people living with HIV and AIDS patients: a large cohort study in Turkey, Fingernail length as a predisposing factor for perforations of latex gloves: a simulated clinical experiment, Tobacco use and its associated factors among older people: a community-based study in Egypt, Acute coronary syndrome: factors predicting smoking cessation, Mass gathering preparedness and response: cross-border collaboration and coordination between Iraq and neighbouring countries, Key security and privacy issues from implementing the National Electronic Health Record in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Integrating sexual and reproductive health and rights package in national health policies, programmes and practices in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Unsupervised neural network for evaluating the ability of the SF-36 instrument to differentiate individuals, Perspectives of medical students and teaching faculty on teaching medicine in their native language, Strategies to reduce informal payments in health systems: a systematic review, Certification of poliomyelitis eradication, Developing a national minimum data set for hospital information systems in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Role of climatic factors in the incidence of dengue in Port Sudan City, Sudan, Survival rates of patients with breast cancer in countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: a systematic review and meta-analysis, Actuarial cost and fiscal impact of expanding the Jordan Civil Insurance Programme for health coverage to vulnerable citizens, Factors associated with tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment delays in Middle East and North Africa: a systematic review, Exposure to violence and its relationship to mental health among young people in Palestine. 22, No. Afifi M. Adolescent use of health services in Alexandria, Egypt: association with mental health problems. 16 No.11 • 2010 Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal La Revue de Santé de la Méditerranée orientale Viral hepatitis E outbreak in Al-Sadr city, Baghdad, Iraq K.K. 【EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN HEALTH JOURNAL】CiteScore Trend: Comments from Authors * All review process metrics, such as acceptance rate and review speed, are limited to our user-submitted manuscripts. Its wide dissemination supports health policy decision-making and enables researchers, practitioners and professionals to remain well informed of developments in public health. The Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal examines a diverse number of topics in this issue that underpin public health-related activities in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR), including research methods, communicable disease prevention, drug administration, and palliative care. Non è possibile visualizzare una descrizione perché il sito non lo consente. Abstract EMHJ is the official health journal published by the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of the World Health Organization. Determinants of maternal and child mortality: some methodological notes, Interaction between opium replacement therapies and HIV treatment coverage, Effective health information systems for delivering the Sustainable Development Goals and the universal health coverage agenda, Professor Abdulrahman Al Awadi (1936–2019), Attitudes and behaviours of physicians towards the relationship with the pharmaceutical industry in Saudi Arabia, Cognitive factors associated with brucellosis preventive behaviours among diagnosed patients: an application of Empowerment Model, Tobacco use in school students in Afghanistan, Oman and Kuwait and association with parental monitoring: analysis of data from Global School-based Student Health surveys, Regional workshop on healthy diet with a focus on trans-fatty acid elimination, Annual meeting of the Eastern Mediterranean Research Ethics Review Committee, Prevalence and clinical characteristics of diabetes mellitus in Lebanon: a national survey, Steering committee for Eastern Mediterranean Region drug regulatory authorities, Knowledge and attitudes towards Middle East respiratory sydrome-coronavirus (MERS-CoV) among health care workers in south-western Saudi Arabia, Regional consultative meeting on primary health care for universal health coverage, Impact of the 2017 American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Hypertension Guideline on the prevalence of hypertension in young Saudi women, Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Sudanese residents towards COVID-19., National food policies in the Islamic Republic of Iran aimed at control and prevention of noncommunicable diseases Masoumeh Moslemi, Mehrnaz Kheirandish, Nezhad Fard Ramin Mazaheri, Hedayat Hosseini, Behrooz Jannat, Vahid Mofid, Moghaddam Atefeh Fooladi and Nader Khosroshahi Karimian East Mediterr Health J. Eastern Mediterranean health journal (ISSN: 1020-3397) Table of Contents. document.write( '' ); As such they may not reflect the journals' exact competitiveness or speed. The Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal is a healthcare journal published by the Eastern Mediterranean Regional office of World Health Organisation of the World Health Organization.It covers research in the area of public health and related biomedical or technical subjects, with particular relevance to the Eastern Mediterranean region.