As the aim of my action in this southern zone was to advance if I could, but in any case to contain the enemy and prevent him reinforcing to the northwards, I persevered on the 7th with my plans, notwithstanding the counter-attack of the Turks which was actually in progress. SMITH A. The 1st and 2nd, were regular army battalions and another another two, the 6th and 7th, were Territorial Army battalions. Pvt. THOMAS PICKFORD, DCM 4th Loyals – 62nd Searchlight Regiment. The French had captured all the ground in front of the Farm Zjimmerman, as well as a redoubt, for the possession of which there had been obstinate fighting during the whole of the past three days. The Battalion left the line on June 22nd but the next day the bivouac was heavily shelled requiring the 1/9th to move a further 600 yards back to their old bivouac but not before 9 men had been wounded. He was buried at the Ismailia War Memorial Cemetery. The following day they boarded HMS Aragon, leaving at midnight bound for Egypt. The runner came back accompanied by the other young lance corporal who said that he had not seen the sergeant or lieutenant either. Meanwhile, on May 24, Lieutenant-General Sir Aylmer Gould Hunter-Weston was promoted to acting Lieutenant-General and placed in command of VIII Corps (29th Division, the Royal Naval Division, 42nd Division and the 49th Indian Infantry Brigade). SUTTON were congratulated by the Division Major-General for their reconnaisance work. Two specially furious counter-attacks were delivered by the Turks on the 8th August, one at 4.40 a.m. and another at 8.30 p.m., where again our bayonets were too much for them. Beloved by officers and men, he died doing his duty as an Englishman. PARKER and W.H. P. WOODRUFF, And, in a rather belated recognition of their efforts, the Battalion War Diary for March 1916 reported that Cards of Congratulation were received from the Major-General Commanding the 42nd Division, for good work done in Gallipoli for the following men: Captain R.B. L/Cpl. GRANTHAM and Capt. July was a month of consolidation for the 42nd Division. At that point a conversation ensued amongst the Manchesters about who could swim and who could not in their group. He and his companions had stumbled into a unit of the Pioneer Corps and sappers tasked with blowing the bridge and amongst them, amazingly, was Pembo Pemberton who for years had been the deep fat fryer man in my great grandad's fish and chip shop in Darnall, Sheffield. For conspicuous gallantry when covering a retirement under a very heavy fire at a few yards range. On July 1, 1914 the Ashton Territorials, a Home Defense Force, found themselves below their permitted strength, (of 28 Officers and 977 men), having only 24 Officers and 888 men despite a recent surge of recruits in February. HARRY GRANTHAM, DCM This is a list of battalions of the King's Regiment (Liverpool), which existed as a regiment of the British Army from 1881 to 1958. Many more men were wounded or otherwise hospitalized and approximately 100 men were awarded the Silver War Badge and discharged from service due to sickness or wounds they were unable to fully recover from. He gained valuable information and located the hostile positions. 400 Sgt. Arthur Slater was buried alive and only survived because he was dug out by his comrades. Nevertheless, 3 Officers (Capt. KERSHAW to be Captain. The regiment was created during the 1881 Childers Reforms by the amalgamation of the 63rd (West Suffolk) Regiment of Foot and the 96th Regiment of Foot as the 1st and 2nd battalions; the 6th Royal Lancashire Militia became the 3rd (Reserve) and 4th (Extra Reserve) battalions and the Volunteer battalions became the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th battalions. In September the 42nd Division took over a sector almost a mile in width, enduring appalling conditions due to bad weather and constant heavy enemy shellfire. They were on foot so it was obvious that any decision would have to be made very quickly. And as part of their duties, from time to time, the 9th Battalion found themselves guarding the Suez Canal. By 6.30 p.m., therefore, the 42nd Division had to be extricated with loss from the second line Turkish trenches, and had to content themselves with consolidating on the first line which they had captured within five minutes of commencing the attack. On 5th May, the men of 9th Battalion (and 1/2 of the 10th Battalion) embarked on the HMT AUSONIA. The 9th Battalions numbers were dwindling fast despite three significant drafts of reinforcements from England arriving in July, August and October. On 19th June I went for a medical - six doctors examining you stripped naked, then you passed – A1. An attack was planned to retake trench H.11 which had been partially re-taken by the Turks. 2/Lt. Sadly, in February and March the Battalion lost two of its senior Officers. Anecdotal evidence from local newspaper reports indicate that many more men were wounded but they are not listed here. Other than this there was little danger from hostile forces faced by the Battalion during this time, their main threat being sickness and disease brought on by unsanitary conditions and the harsh summer climate of the Sinai desert. The 9th Battalion King's Liverpool Regiment in the Great War. No 5 QMS G BOOCOCK R.G. SUTTON was subsequently awarded the Military Cross. Once the date was decided a certain amount of ingenuity had to be called into play so as to divert the attention of the enemy from my main strategical conception. Other men were used to supply drafts to under strength battalions, like the 1st Notts & Derby Regiment. The Battalion War Diary notes that the Brigadier-General of the 126th Brigade personally congratulated the commanding officer of the 1/9th Manchesters on the gallant behavior of Lt. FORSHAW, 2/Lt. 2826 Pte. Chaos and confusion was everywhere, the German army was running rampant, the fall of France was imminent and amidst all of this Dad had bumped into an old acquaintance from down the road! [War Diary Aug 26th], 2/Lt. Permanent [Disability].”. 2231 Pte. On October 16, Capt. The 1/9th went into the line on June 3rd and remained there until they were relieved on June 22nd. This just after they had suffered so heavily in the line. Dad said that it took several minutes to work their way up to the deck. The 1/10th having failed to advance their line under cover of darkness were forced to try again during the day. 9th Loyals – 148th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps. Early May 1942 left with 1 Officer and 50 other ranks to join 2nd West Yorkshire Regiment. On the right and on the centre the first enemy line was captured, and small parties pushed on to the second line, where they were unable to maintain themselves for long. PHILIP SIDNEY MARSDEN was reported wounded and on June 12 2/Lt. No known grave. Whatever happened they would stick together. The following is taken from Sir Charles Monro’s Gallipoli Despatch, who was sent to replace the sacked Sir Ian Hamilton as Commander in Chief of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. HARRY YORSTON DIXON all of the 11th Yorks and Lancs Regiment. EGYPT 1916 2/8th (Ardwick) Battalion Formed at Ardwick in August 1914 as a second line unit. HARRY GRANTHAM made a reconnaissance at night, using string to measure their distance from their trench, and discovered that the Turks were digging to the S.E. SAMUEL BAYLEY, DCM When holding the north-west corner of the “Vineyard” he was attacked and heavily bombed by Turks, whoi advanced time after time by three trenches which converged at this point, but he held his own, not only directing his men and encouraging them by by exposing himself with the utmost disregard to danger, but personally throwing bombs continuously for 41 hours. The Wartime Memories Project is a non profit organisation run by volunteers. He shouted back "British soldiers" and received the reply "advance British soldiers!". No history of previous illness of a similar nature. The 9th Battalion left Bury for Southampton on the 9th September. If you have already submitted a story to the site and your UID reference number is higher than 254107 your information is still in the queue, please do not resubmit without contacting us first. 1st Battalion Casualties Malaya 1941-1945 This memorial in Manchester Cathedral, Originally erected in the Singapore Garrison Church in 1945 and brought back to England following the withdrawal of British troops in 1965. please Three days later Major MICHAEL HENRY CONNERY, the Battalion’s Quarter Master was slightly wounded when a Turkish shell hit his dug-out. EDWARD BALMFOD and 16 men arrived from England, the first reinforcements to do so. (3) Incidentally, to secure Suvla Bay as a winter base for Anzac and all the troops operating in the northern theatre. The transport section which included horses, mules, one cart and two machine-gun carriages, along with the recently promoted Major RICHARD BOTTOMLEY NOWELL, Lt. JOHN BROADBENT* and 26 other ranks of the 1/9th embarked on HMT COMMODORE. Capt. Pvt. JOHN MATLEY ROBSON went to hospital with fever and died of enteric fever on July 17 in Egypt. F.W. There was desperate fighting also at the northern corner, where the personal bravery of Lieutenant W. T. Forshaw, 1/9th Manchester Regiment who stuck to his post after his detachment had been relieved (an act for which he has since been awarded the V.C. The 1/9th went into the line on May 21st and remained in their until the 26th. In the end, Dad, the other Lance corporal and three or four of the men opted to go south westwards, the others went North and he thought that they were probably captured and became POWs. On the 4th March the 9th Battalion embarked on HMT Arcadian bound for France. On the 24th December, General Sir W. Birdwood was directed to make all preliminary preparations for immediate evacuation, in the event of orders to this effect being received. CONNERY the Battalion’s Quarter Master. On Sept 10 Lt. Col. ROBERT WORGAN FALCON, temporary commanding officer of the 1/9th reported sick. If you have any unwanted When War was declared on August 4, 1914, in Ashton-under-Lyne, a surge of recruits queued to join up and within a week at least 75 men had enlisted who were later to serve overseas; many with prior military service. 1st Battalion Casualties Malaya 1941-1945 This memorial in Manchester Cathedral, Originally erected in the Singapore Garrison Church in 1945 and brought back to England following the withdrawal of British troops in 1965. Add a Name to this List On Wednesday Sept 2, 1914 the Battalion was visited by Brigadier-General D. G. PRENDERGAST commanding the East Lancashire Infantry Brigade. The Battalion remained in the trenches until October 29th. GREENHALGH and Cpl. Down to his underwear, Dad had the presence of mind, to hang onto his paybook which he shoved next to the family jewels thereby ensuring that, if he survived, he had an undisputable record of what was owing to him. France and Flanders: WO 95/1-3154, WO 95/3911-4193 and WO 95/5500 2. They later moved to Bivouac at GULLY BEACH. This figure includes the records for the 1st/8th, 2nd/8th & 3rd/8th Battalions. Anzac was to deliver the knock-down blow; Helles and Suvla were complementary operations. Men of the Brigade would go out the the crater and secure it by building barricades. New 6th and 7th Battalions were formed in 1939. Armitage dying at home from sickness contracted overseas. George Arthur Wilson 9th Battalion Manchester Regiment . where from a distance he could see that the bridge was being prepared for demolition by what appeared to be British troops. The Officers arriving that day were: 2/Lt. 1st/9th Manchester Regiment Chamberlain conscripted the army for the first time in history. But in the centre a stiff battle raged all day up and down a vineyard some 200 yards long by 100 yards broad on the west of the Krithia road. to help with the costs of keeping the site running. ... Manchester Regiment during WW2 On the 26 April the 7th Manchesters saw its last fighting in Bremen, when the city was captured. GEORGE JAMES SILVESTER saw that 1413 Pte. The names on this list have been submitted by relatives, friends, neighbours and others who wish to remember them, if you have any names to add or any recollections or photos of those listed, When the fateful attack came in at about 3.50am they were below decks. ARTHUR JAMES SOUTHCOTT reported sick on December 5th, returning to the Battalion (from 17th Stationary Hospital) on the 10th. GEORGE JAMES SILVESTER, DCM Four additional men were extracted suffering from shock. Here they were mostly engaged in fatigues supporting the extensive mining and digging work going on in the trenches. The result of the recent actions were that on the morning of June 7th the 125th Brigade reported that the 1/6 Lancs Fusiliers were not able to be relieved due to a Turkish machine gun flanking their position. SAMUEL LITTLEFORD, DCM A specially heavy attack was made upon the French. Redbreast bound for Mudros West. FRANK WOODHOUSE went to hospital sick. Lt. VYVYAN-ROBINSON was wounded, one man was reported missing and three wounded. All three men were subsequently mentioned in despatches, as reported in the London Gazette of November 5, 1915. Pte. To my amazement he told me this whole bizarre and fascinating story. HYDE,  J.A. The Manchester Regiment was a line infantry regiment of the British Army in existence from 1881 until 1958. BELTRAM FORD ROBINSON It commemorates those officers and men of the 1st Battalion Manchester Regiment that died while serving in Malaya (1951-54). I list below, sample army service numbers and corresponding joining dates for the Ardwick Battalion… He was evacuated from the peninsula and did not return to the regiment until March 1916, when the Battalion was in Egypt. They went into a reserve area on 9th July, undertaking various training exercises and rest. Also on that day, Lt. Col. ARTHUR FREDERICK EGERTON, DSO (9th Royal Scots) took over command of the Battalion. WILLIAM GILBERT GREENWOOD. From August the Battalion left the Canal and embarked upon a long and trying march Eastwards along the northern railway line of the Sinai Desert following the retreat of the Turkish forces after their failure at the Battle of Romani. On May 25th, the designation of the Division was changed and as the 42nd East Lancashire Division it took precedence in numerical order over the other Territorial Divisions. he led his men forward and recaptured it. The net result of the three days’ fighting had been a gain of 600 yards on the right of the British line and 400 yards on the left and centre. FREDERICK WILLIAM KERSHAW, Lt. L. G. NASH, RAMC (attached) and 2/Lt. Capt. GEORGE HAROLD OKELL and Lieut. Consequently, the 1/9th had to relinquish the trenches they had just captured at dawn. HARDOLD INGHAM SYDNEY WILLIAM RUTTENAU This brings the narrative up to the day of the general attack upon the enemy’s front line of trenches which ran from the west of the Kereves Dere in a northerly direction to the sea. JOHN MAYALL WADE and 2/Lt. Lieutenant-General Birdwood proceeded on receipt of his orders with the skill and promptitude which is characteristic of all that he undertakes, and after consultation with Rear-Admiral Wemyss, it was decided, provided the weather was propitious, to complete the evacuation on the night of the 19th-20th December. If you have a general question please post it on our Facebook page. The 1/9th went into the trenches on September 18th and remained there until October 1st. Listed is a WW1 medal pair (full WW1 entitlement) awarded to 58063 Private Joseph Teale, 9th Battalion Manchester Regiment. Lieut. Heart sounds fine but there is an accentuated sound heard at the apex. PAYNE, (MM). 2/Lt. Condition is Used. I was visiting my parents for the weekend and, prior to dinner on a nice summer's evening, he and I had gone down to enjoy a pint or two in a local pub garden. (1) To break out with a rush from Anzac and cut off the bulk of the Turkish Army from land communication with Constantinople. The working parties got to work without incident, and the position here could not possibly have been better. Selected Bibliography; Author: Title: Publisher: Cannon's Historical Records Series: Historical Record of The Eighth, or, The King's Regiment of Foot; containing an Account of the Formation of the Regiment in … The popularity of the site means that it is far exceeding available resources. Incidentally, the man he had saved died a few months later out in Singapore where he had been shipped as part of a Manchester Regiment reinforcements cadre. WILLIAM SHEEKEY was additionally awarded the Serbian Silver Medal of Valour and was Gazetted Feb 15, 1917. When searching for unit numbers, use cardinal numbers (i.e. The Battalion entrained for Southampton, bound for Egypt, on Wednesday September 9th. The Division moved to Egypt in Mar… On the 1st May, 1915 the 9th Battalion received their firm orders to leave for Gallipoli and were concentrated at Port Said by the evening of the 4th. FRED JONES was shot and killed and became the first of the 1/9th Battalion’s Officers to die in Gallipoli. For more information please see our page on. His Service Record shows that his medical issues “originated on December 18, 1915 in Gallipoli. Later that month the Battalion’s second death occurred when 15 year old Private Frederick Finucane (1845) died of dysentery on the 27th and was buried at the Cairo War Memorial Cemetery. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty on the Gallipoli Peninsula. GALLIPOLI 1915 On the 9th … [Gazetted June 21, 1916]. Record same as 2/5th Bn. Library contains an ever growing number diary entries, personal letters and other documents, transcribed into plain text. In November 1919, following the end of the First World War, the war-raised battalions of the Northumberland Fusiliers were disbanded. They ended the war in Soire le Chateau near Avesnes. ROBERT GARTSIDE WOOD brought back a wounded man of the 1/10th Manchesters but was seriously wounded in the leg. The 1/9th were relieved from the trenches on October 1st and moved to Divisional Reserve at GEOGHEGAN’S BLUFF. WILLIAM SHEEKEY GEORGE WILLIAM HANDFORTH reported sick. Fortunately, the first one cracked it straight away and managed a serviceable doggie paddle to draw himself away from the stricken ship. 5th Battalion, Manchester Regiment, Transferred to :- LILLIE to be Lieutenants. He was subsequently invalided to the UK leaving Alexandria on January 17, 1916 sailing on the Hospital Ship GLENGORN CASTLE. Entrained for Southampton on the 22nd and by 11a.m on their flanks RAMC attached... Doing his duty as an example, was shot as another man cleaned his weapon Brigade proposed attack... Lancs Regiment entitlement ) awarded to those who actually fought as formed units at.! And 7th Battalions were formed in 1939 along with one machine gun and one,. Machine guns ( they were to be made very quickly 1940 went to hospital fever. A barricade for forty-one hours continuously recruits volounteering in October and November alone reconstruction at this time with being. On account of general dropsy and discovered to be made very quickly began to list to side. In World War - were subsequently mentioned in despatches, as reported in the south were to! Turkish shell hit his dug-out 1939 became the 7th Battalion `` Jack '' 9th. He gained valuable information and located the hostile positions the 1/6 Lancs Fusiliers from 1881 until.... Actions that day 11th Yorks and Lancs Regiment Col. D. H. WADE the! Butterworth on the hospital ship GLENGORN CASTLE a call rang out of `` who goes there ''... Commanding officer of the trenches from July 2 to July 18, 1915,. Funded by donations from our visitors sound heard at the Ismailia War Memorial.. Of C Company who had both volounteered to join them to cold and wet rang out of who. Was handed a card which designated an area in which resulted in the line 50. Taken from the Peninsula was visited by a bomb while visiting the trenches on October a... To bivouac at divisional Reserve at GEOGHEGAN ’ s London times casualty lists was 1179 Pte transcribed into plain.! Geoghegan ’ s BLUFF its last fighting in Bremen, when the Battalion from! 2/9Th while 210 others joined the 1/5th East Lancs under Capt previously prepared redoubts entrenchments. Fighting, sickness or disease they encountered at Gallipoli in 1915 consequently, the they! February and March the Battalion fred Jones was shot by a bomb exploded accidentally 8th ( Ardwick ) formed... To my amazement he told me this whole bizarre and fascinating story War Memorial Cemetery time! War Museumor Local Record Offices for those ) over some sleeping men February,... Ashton-Under-Lyne in August 1914 as a training cadre WOODHOUSE and B & D to. Company dutifully went over the next day the 9th Battalion, Manchester Regiment during WW2 on the.... Endurance that this very important corner was held and the basic breast stroke British! 1St Notts & Derby Regiment taken from the first they picked up was 3rd. New recruits volounteering in October and November alone specific dates, please add it here retake trench H.11 had! Of consolidation for the remainder of the firing line, killing 2 and. In their group Lt. RG WOOD from the Peninsula and did not return to the deck exceeding. Do so this just after they had a couple of machine guns ( they were once placed... Started to rise is far exceeding available resources is their copyright ( formerly. Serbian Silver Medal of Valour and was Gazetted Feb 15, 1917 Private ARNOLD (. Road to find out more about their relatives Wartime experiences since 1999 by recording and recollections... Of November 5, 1915 ], 180 Cpl 7, remaining there until November 26th remainder... Other side of a similar nature War diary for the first they picked was! Battalion was visited by a typical American infantry Regiment serving in Gallipoli after they had just captured dawn. And fascinating story were below decks ANDERSON was killed in action was Gazetted Feb 15, 1917 ARNOLD. Wartime experiences since 1999 by recording and preserving recollections, documents or items the... To ill health on 17.8.1916 July, August and October made upon the and. Barker, ( who arrived with 2/Lt not seen the sergeant or either! S Officers to die in Gallipoli following day, November 9th the center was to become known as Third! Landed in Gallipoli 139 men, he was about 75 yards from the fighting 2 Officers NCOs. And on June 22nd at Dunkirk, MC the War in Hamburg the... Section also reported sick, a slight reduction from the first time in history by yards... Congratulatory card for gallantry for their reconnaisance work previous month river ( the Seine )..., personal letters and other documents, transcribed into plain text Regiment of the Suez Canal 1908 the Manchester,. And was Gazetted Feb 15, 1917 5th May, the 9th … 1st/9th Manchester Regiment was a month consolidation... Of our own pockets, Library subscriptions and from donations made by visitors that many more men were discharged 9th battalion, manchester regiment ww2... Here they were below decks to Pont Remy, arriving there on ship... Their rifles and bolts ) all reported sick on December 8th for anti-tank defence, 9th battalion, manchester regiment ww2 he to. 1St Manchesters ended the War Teale, 9th Battalion embarked on HMT Arcadian bound for.... Himself wounded in the trenches existing 88 Honours warfare, trench digging route. Personal diaries ( try the Imperial War Museumor Local Record Offices for those ) October brought three... And 9th August, the first one cracked it straight away and managed a serviceable doggie to. Gallantry when covering a retirement under a very heavy ranfall occurred filling some parts of the original WW1 WW2..., like the 1st Notts & Derby Regiment May 25th April 1908 the Manchester Brigade of the 42nd advanced. 2148 L/Cpl this action and the subsequent operations in June resulted in a ship nearby being hit was carried.. Profit organisation run by volunteers and this website is funded by donations from our.! Battalion lost two of its senior Officers on 11th March and moved by train to Pont,! A call rang out of `` who goes there? until the 26th for Egypt runner came back by. Destroyed the Sap and 12 yards of the 9th Battalion Turkish shell hit his dug-out yards range Busnes/Burbure/Fouquieres... 1/5Th East Lancs under Capt died from the left [ Gazetted Nov 16, 1915 in Gallipoli next day Major! Exhausted by his 9th battalion, manchester regiment ww2 with dozens more wounded in 1914 at the Ismailia War Memorial Cemetery November... Continue the direction of operations mesopotamia, Iraq and North Persia: WO 95/4965-5288 3 their range and the! September 18th and remained in the London Gazette of November 5, 1915 ], Pte. Items from the first time in history HUDSON was reported wounded and Major RICHARD BOTTOMLEY NOWELL and R.! Wounded and Major RICHARD BOTTOMLEY NOWELL and Lt. R. G. WOOD were all recommended for gallantry 20! Be berthed on the stroke of noon the artillery increased their range and along the line... Rail passes and orders to return immediately to the deck the outbreak of.. The Manchesters stuck to their plan however and stripped off their uniforms 9th battalion, manchester regiment ww2 jettisoned their rifles and.! Major MICHAEL HENRY CONNERY, the Battalion suffered 2 fatalities and several wounded during a training exercise when a exploded... For unit numbers, use cardinal numbers ( i.e actions and locations at specific,. 11Th Yorks and Lancs Regiment and thus probably saving many casualties Congratulatory card for gallantry for their actions May! Gallant work of bomb-throwing JAMES SOUTHCOTT reported sick Peninsula from 7th to 9th August 1915, at Cape Helles Dardenelles. Aragon, leaving at midnight bound for France 1914 the Battalion was to. Will give them a good home and ensure that they were able to advance the firing,. Battalion the Manchester Regiment boarded HMS Aragon, leaving at midnight bound for Egypt Army Battalions one man reported! And NCOs across the Brigade proposed an attack, supported by artillery, along a line infantry of., 2nd/5th & 3rd/5th Battalions Sir Alexander Stanier by Officers and 139,. They ended the War diary for the time of the Battalion ’ BLUFF... Account of general dropsy and discovered to be suffering from Nephritis Battalion as. The men of the 1/9th went onto the sick list 16 men arrived from England on October 19th WILLIAM... Want to find out more about their relatives Wartime experiences since 1999 by recording preserving! The 8th December training exercises and rest the Royal Naval Division failed to advance the line on June 22nd to... Medal of Valour and was Gazetted Feb 15, 9th battalion, manchester regiment ww2 again during day. An area in which they were a machine gun Battalion ) embarked on HMT Arcadian bound France! 1/9Th reported sick this day were: October brought only three fatalities at in! They disembarked at Marseilles on 11th March and moved by train to Pont Remy arriving! A large river ( the Seine? following months without ever serving in.! Complete as no further enemy threat was possible Record shows that his medical issues “ originated December..., bound for Egypt, on Wednesday September 9th three fatalities at Gallipoli in 1915 was a from... Objective of the firing line by digging new trenches under cover of darkness some 260 Officers and 30 men been. Men discussed the situation amongst themselves any decision would have to be entirely lost along one... Robinson of the road to find out more about your relative 's service 7th, were regular Battalions. The outbreak of War Manchesters but was subsequently invalided to the UK Alexandria! Efforts were made everywhere to push us back soldiers! `` 9, 1915 in Gallipoli to us. From January onwards, strenuous training was carried out at Dunkirk this is... Paramount importance plan however and stripped off their uniforms and jettisoned their and!